Response of the group of Judges on current affairs in the Judiciary

According to the new information from the judicial environment to public another Supreme Court Judge is being disciplinary prosecuted. It is Miroslav Gavalec who openly and publicly presents his critical views on the current situation in the Judiciary. In addition to the absurd disciplinary prosecutions of Judges for their public criticism of the current President of the Supreme Court Štefan Harabin, for writing a letter to the President of the Republic, for putting a complaint, for testimony in criminal proceedings and many others the disciplinary proceedings against Judge for writing an application form to a state institution has now started. Part of the Judges has been suspended from the office for such deeds for months now.


The undersigned Judges of the Courts of all instances in the Slovak Republic:

Under influence of the longterm and unsustainable situation in the Slovak judiciary, with the sense of responsibility for proper performance of judicial position and judiciary as a whole, we wish to discuss current problems in judiciary in public, to look for effective ways to remedy and solutions to create efficient and stable model of the Slovak judiciary.

Open Letter

Dear President,

Dear Prime Minister,

Dear Chairman of the National Council,

Dear Minister of Justice,

Dear Members of the Judicial Council,

Open letter Via Iuris to the Slovak Prime Minister

On January 26, VIA IURIS sent an open letter to the Slovak Prime Minister. We ask him to take responsibility for the situation in the Slovak judiciary. We also point out why we consider the disciplinary proceeding against Judge Miroslav Gavalec an insult to democracy, justice and rule of law.

Five Sentences

We consider the efforts of competent authorities to punish judges for their publicly expressed opinions on relations in judiciary as another signal that threatens free discussion on situation in Slovak judiciary. Our work is difficult in such environment and we are very sorry for the evidently growing disbelief in public against judiciary. It is necessary to freely discuss reasons of such situation, and atmosphere of fear where a judge cannot express any controversial and provoking opinion reflects means lack of freedom of spirit. Free spirit is not only a right but also the obligation of a judge. Any citizen has the right to a free judge.

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