Deklaration of The AJS on Report by Mr. G. Woratsch

Declaration of the Association of Judges in Slovakia (hereinafter AJS) on Report on the State of the Slovak Judiciary drawn by Mr. Gűnter Woratsch (Honorary President of the International Association of Judges – IAJ)

The Report on the State of the Slovak Judiciary drawn by Mr. Gűnter Woratsch that was presented at the press conference of 15 June 2001 by the Prime Minister Iveta Radicova, was only one of the documents for drawing official letters sent by the European Association of Judges President Mr. Gerhard Reissner (EAJ) to the Prime Minister of the Slovak Republic and to the President of the Supreme Court of the Slovak Republic, these resulted from the AJS request for a position and assistance of EAJ on approved amendments of the laws adopted in the Slovak Republic that seriously impact independence of the judicial power in Slovakia.

On the contrary, Mr. Gerhard Reissner stated in these letters that the controversial amendments of the statute judicial laws helped the Government to impact independence of the judges and the judicial power in Slovakia in an inadmissible way and contrary to international standards and also offered assistance in solving the situation.

In the official letters there is no notice on the Report of Mr. Woratsch probably because it is unfair with low expression value, as the Report takes high attention to media opinions regarding the President of the Supreme Court and the situation related to him, without proved facts, it doubts legitimate vote of the members of the Judicial Council members and does not consider its autonomy, states untrue information on the AJS General Meeting held on 8 April 2011 in Kosice and doubts goals and efforts of AJS to re-unify the judges in Slovakia. It does not deal with real problems in Slovak judiciary.

AJS strongly protests content of the Report and also appreciates the letter sent by Mr. Gerhard Reissner, EAJ President, in which he acknowledged reasons stated by AJS in the request for assistance and for a position.

AJS understands publication of the letter of Mr. Gűnter Woratsch at the press conference as one of next steps directed to apologising impacts of the executive power to the judicial power and as an effort to practically control and politicise the judiciary.

Done at Kosice 16 June 2011

JUDr. Tana Vescicikova
AJS Vice Prezident
(representing JUDr. Dana Bystrianska, AJS President)

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