Response of the group of Judges on current affairs in the Judiciary

According to the new information from the judicial environment to public another Supreme Court Judge is being disciplinary prosecuted. It is Miroslav Gavalec who openly and publicly presents his critical views on the current situation in the Judiciary. In addition to the absurd disciplinary prosecutions of Judges for their public criticism of the current President of the Supreme Court Štefan Harabin, for writing a letter to the President of the Republic, for putting a complaint, for testimony in criminal proceedings and many others the disciplinary proceedings against Judge for writing an application form to a state institution has now started. Part of the Judges has been suspended from the office for such deeds for months now.

All of these disciplinary proceedings are an obvious response to the question why the statement of "The Five Sentences” (which has been so far signed by 115 Judges) was created. They demonstrate that the statement has nothing to do with politics but it is a realistic reflection of the fact that a group of officials is controlling the judicial power and that disciplinary proceedings are used as means to intimidate and silence their critics.

We are asking - how long will the public and the responsible officials of the state keep
tolerating this situation?

What worse and more absurd needs to happen in order to make the National Council, the President and the government finally use their statutory powers and initiate an appeal to call off the current President of the Supreme Court by the members of the Judicial Council who are their nominees?

What worse needs to happen so that Judges exercise their legal options and develop the same pressure to their elected members of the Judicial Council or unless they are willing to change the status quo to call them off?

In Bratislava on 24th January 2010

On behalf of the authors and the signatories of the declaration "The Five Sentences"


Katarína Javorčíková
Dušan Čimo

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