COMMUNIQUÉ from the conference “Together for Effective and More Reliable judiciary” which took place on 19 November 2014 in Bratislava

Conference was held under auspices of the President Andrej Kiska, and with participation of the Justice Minister Tomáš Borec, the Chairman of the Parliamentary Constitutional Committee Róbert Madej, members of the Parliament, the Ministry of Justice, judges of different levels and from various regions of the Slovak Republic, significant judges from the Czech Republic, representatives of the NGO sector, and the diplomatic corps.


The following conclusions resulted from the conference:





In Bratislava, on the 19th November 2014


Conference was organised by the association of judges “For Open Judiciary” with support of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Open Society Foundation and VIA IURIS.

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terms and condition.

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  • Guest (Agatha)

    The three conditions determined are essential for regulation an issue in Slovakia. It is important for all the sides to understand what consequences can cause deviation. Judiciary is exactly a top priority for both executive and legislative branches.
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  • Guest (Dalibor Kotacka)

    Whoever has organized this conference under "auspices" of president Kiska should know that Kiska has named politician who violated constitution of Slovak republic for his "advisor". They are both ready for "impeachment"---unfortunately,there is no political will for something as country of LAW !!
    Robert Madej ??? Tento TRUĽKO has no guts to solve and give true answers to the citizen whose constitutional and human rights were violated.
    Tomáš Borec ??? Slimy minister who doesn´t give a damn about the citizen of this country. All other named participants are irrelevant.

  • Guest (Anna)

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  • Guest (jack redford)

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