Open Letter to the President of the Association of Slovak Judges

Dear Mrs. President,

In connection with the nomination of the candidates to the position of the Chairman of the Supreme Court of the Slovak Republic you today on 28 April 2014 inter alia stated for the TA3 television programme that the Association of Slovak Judges supports the candidacy of Stefan Harabin who although has not 100% support  of the judges, but still he is supported by a significant majority of the judges. Your full statement can be heard in:

We oppose this statement. You as the President of the Association of Slovak Judges have the mandate to speak only for the members of your Association and not for all judges, that means also not even for us, moreover in such a significant question. We presented very real arguments for which we state that Stefan Harabin does not fulfill minimum moral criteria for performance of the supreme judicial position.

We ask you what factually qualifies you to such statements which we perceive as misleading the public.

According to our information even the common members of the Association of Slovak Judges have not approved by majority of votes the Association of Slovak Judges to nominate Stefan Harabin to this position. The public does not differentiate between promoting and supporting a candidate, and the public sees your statement as the wish of the judges organised in the Association of Slovak Judges  to elect Stefan Harabin again. However, this is the internal case of the members of your professional organisation.

More, you provide incorrect information about number of your members. For instance only in Bratislava section of the Association of Slovak Judges you register  as your members those judges who for a longer time resigned their membership for the Association of Slovak Judges, who left for pension, you even register a deceased judge. It would be correct to respect the notices of the judges, to whom you keep sending mail as to the Association of Slovak Judges members, about such failures and to state real number of your members.

Many judges who are today the members of the association “For Open Judiciary“ long ago belonged to the long-time  and very active members  of the Association of Slovak Judges. They invested many efforts and much time at the expense of their privacy, to build the Association of Slovak Judges as a strong professional organisation and a representative of significant majority of Slovak judges. After 2006, when the presidency period of Juraj Majchrak the President of the Association of Slovak Judges  finished, the Association of Slovak Judges started a completely different way and also your statement of today is a devaluation of the values for which we pushed for together. Therefore we feel a moral obligation to publicly distinguish from this also in this form.

Done at Bratislava 28 April 2014

JUDr. Katarina Javorcikova

President of ZOJ

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